Deburring Aluminum Extrusions

Deburring of the side of a thermal dissipation part used in an auto radio

Extrusion Part Before Deburring
Aluminum Extrusion Before Cutting Process
This small aluminum part has sharp edges all around the sides. This was due to the aluminum cutting process to create it.
Giving this, the customer needed to remove sharp edges and small burrs from this aluminum extrusion part.

NS DM1100 C edge rounding standard machine for edge rounding of metal sheets and small parts was the solution found for the edge problem. Due to the shape of the aluminum part it was not possible to put it in a straight position. In combination with guides on the top side of the conveyor table was enough to guarantee that the parts would be in the vertical position.

Guides - Deburring Machine - Aluminum Extrusions
Frontal Part of the Deburring Machine - Guides for the Alumin Extrusions
The cross belts system combining two belts running in opposite directions are enough to deburr and remove sharp edges from this small part. The final result is a smooth edge due to the edge rounding process.

Deburring and Edge Rounding Process
Deburring and Edge Rounding Process
After and Before Process of Deburring Aluminum Extrusion
In combination with a special parts return system, the operator fed the parts in the table and then passes through the return system. After the inspection, the operator flips the part in order to deburr the other side. The parts return system enables the machine to operated with just one worker instead of several.

Small Parts Double Side Edge Rounding
Parts Return System for Small Parts Inspection and Double Side Edge Rounding

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