DM1100 2C: Double Side Edge Rounding Machine

DM1100 2C cross belt edge rounding machine deburrs the two sides of the part in one single pass. It removes sharp edges on both external and internal contours of stainless steel, steel or aluminium parts either cut in laser, shear or punching machine.

This deburring machine has two stations with double cross belts for edge rounding, leaving clean, soft and burr-free edges on the complete parts.

This machine can do double side edge rounding and deburring of parts longer than 150mm. Also, DM1100 2C can do single side edge rounding exactly like DM1100 C in parts as small as 50mm

The touchcress control enables single side or double side operation modes and automatic cross belts replacement position.

See more of this machine on the video below.

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