DM660 ZPK: Deburring, Edge Rounding, Finishing and Oxide Removal Machine

DM660 ZPK is a deburring machine for sheet metal and parts cut by punching, shearing, laser or plasma.

DM660 ZPK features an integrated vacuum table and a 3 movement system of the brushing head, assuring a high consistency. It is possible to work parts up to 660mm width and some as small as 50x50mm.

This machine can perform rounding on small holes, bended plates and create big radius up to 2mm.

By blocking the rotation head this machine can be used for surface finishing in a configuration of wide belt and double parallel brush.

On DM660 ZPK it is easy to interchange brushes, so it is possible to achieve rounded edges free from burrs or sharp corners but also to clean oxide layer.

When operating with steel planetary brushes DM660 ZPK removes efficiently the oxide layer on interior and exterior contours of laser-cut steel sheets.

DM660 ZPK cleans oxide layer in 2 step operation on parts from 4mm up to 25mm thick.

Preparing steel cut parts for coating by removing oxide layer will improve the ability of the parts to be coated. Powder coating or wet paint adheres well to the oxide layer. However, when the surface is damaged or subject to impacts the oxide layer can detach from the material, limiting the lifetime of the coating.

DM660 ZPK performs oxide removal with flexible and efficient wire brushes, leaving the parts oxide free and ready for further coatings.

See the demonstration video below of this oxide removal machine where steel parts are brushed from oxide.

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