Oxide Removal Cross Belt Machibe

DM1100 CT Oxide Removal Cross Belt Machine
 DM1100 CT is a single side cross belt machine which removes oxide layer from oxygen laser cut steel parts both on the inside and outside areas.

Also, by replacing the cross belt set for edge rounding type this machine can remove sharp edges of stainless steel, steel and aluminium parts cut by laser, punching or shearing. This deburring machine can work parts longer than 180mm and as a table with 1100mm width. For smaller parts edge rounding please contact us for our DM1100 C.

Principle of work: 2 v-belts with abrasive blocks or oxide removal wire brushes running in opposite directions guarantee that all sides on the top surface and upper half thickness will be cleaned from oxide or edge rounded  in one single pass.

Both sides, single side and before oxide removal steel samples
Oxide Removal: removing oxide layer from thickness of steel parts up to 8mm in one pass or up to 16mm in 2 passes. Cleans simultaneously internal holes.

For more information on our oxide removal machines email us at marketing@nsmaquinas.com